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how do we do a file program using gdb compiler

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asked Oct 3 by Asst. Prof. Nimisha Philip Dept. of CSE (180 points)

2 Answers

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answered Oct 3 by samaksh Gupta (140 points)

To create a file, use either the ofstream or fstream class, and specify the name of the file. To write to the file, use the insertion operator ( << ).

commented Oct 6 by Adityakrishna vinod (100 points)

This is a simple program for creating a file and adding data into it.

You can add many ideas like , "making a text editor",.......etc .

I hope this helped , Thankyou
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answered Oct 3 by Peter Minarik (40,320 points)

Please, be more specific as your question is really not clear.

  • What language do you use?
  • What is a "file program"?
Share any code you have already written.
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