Why does that not compile? Please help me

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asked Apr 23, 2018 by Kito Termilien (170 points)
#include <iostream>

#include <fstream>

#include <string>

using namespace std;

static int fileReading(int, int, int);

const int arraySize = 12;

ifstream infile;

int main()


string filename;

const int arraySize = 12;

int arrayNumber[arraySize];

int input = 0;

cout << "Please Enter the name of the file to read numbers for number Analysis program\n";

cin >> filename;


if (infile)


arrayNumber[arraySize] = fileReading(input, arrayNumber, arraySize);



cout << "The file did not open.";

return 0;


// Function that reads the contents of a file and stock them in an array

int fileReading(int input, int arrayNum[arraySize], int arraySize)


    int i;

for (i = 0; i < arraySize; i++)


infile >> input;

arrayNum[i] = input;


return i;



2 Answers

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answered Apr 25, 2018 by Bird Man (250 points)
Could you please type in the messages the compiler gives?
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answered Apr 27, 2018 by anonymous

Your fileReading function signature is wrong. Instead of

static int fileReading (int, int, int);

it should be 

static int fileReading(int, int*, int);

Compiler clearly tell you that:

main.cpp:32:74: error: invalid conversion from 'int*' to 'int' [-fpermissive]

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