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whether good typing speed is needed to be a good coder? i am a beginner and i face problem in typing <>,{},%&,[],

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asked Jul 4, 2019 by anonymous

2 Answers

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answered Jul 7, 2019 by anonymous
Good coder does not needs speed when they know there algorithm is correct . You as a beginner does not need to think on speed for now and try to solves error.Remember Practice make a man perfect
commented Jul 9, 2019 by JN Velez (110 points)
Made a career out of copying and pasting, 80% of the work is debugging.
commented Jan 14 by Peter Minarik (22,620 points)
I've worked on code bases where people blindly copy-paste things around instead of creating functions and reusing the same code (only once!). These copy-pasted nightmares are one of the worse.

You should really stop that practice.

However, it shows good how people do not care about code quality (not just you, but your managers either as your code must have been reviewed and approved by others).

This industry could do so much better if only people would not have short-sightedness and understand that investing a bit more time to do proper coding pays off in the future (on maintenance).
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answered Jan 13 by Thành Đinh (150 points)
có điều đó giúp bn làm việc nhanh hơn ,tiết kiệm thời gian hơn
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