Python, Read a text file and print out a list of invalid user names

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I need to read the linux /var/log/auth.log file and print the user of unsuccessful logins to the system. Some lines of the file will look like this:
May 26 07:29:20 instance-1 sshd[20327]: Disconnected from port 45177 [preauth]
May 26 07:32:22 instance-1 sshd[20351]: Invalid user nagios from port 49715
May 26 07:32:22 instance-1 sshd[20351]: input_userauth_request: invalid user nagios [preauth]
May 26 07:32:23 instance-1 sshd[20351]: Received disconnect from port 49715:11: Normal
May 26 07:32:22 instance-1 sshd[20351]: Invalid user admin from port 49715
I need to read the lines of data from this file, and print out a sorted list to a file of invalid user names, one per line, like the list shown below.

I have got this far but I need it to print out the word AFTER the string.

        errors = []                   # The list where we will store results.
        linenum = 0
        substr = "Invalid user"          # Substring to search for.
        with open ('auth.log', 'rt') as myfile:
            for line in myfile:
            linenum += 1
            if line.find(substr) != -1:
        for line in errors:


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You can use list.index() method to choose range of a substring as so:

for i in errors:

"+5" is to start after "user" string and one extra space. Similarly you end the substring before "from".

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