guys i am begginer so pls can you tell me which language i need to study first and how can i use it in life or somewhere

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asked Jan 11 by Luka Lomiashvili (190 points)

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answered Jan 30 by anonymous
************************** python *************************************
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answered Jan 30 by anonymous
its your wish you can start with any language as most of the languaes are pretty much the same in time u can master every thing so its not a big deal start with the language that u r intersted in
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answered Jan 31 by teja sree (340 points)
start with python because the code is easy to learn
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answered Feb 1 by Pedro Alejandro L R (160 points)
you should go for HTML therefore is one of the easiest on to learn
commented Feb 2 by MarkHayes (100 points)
HTML is not a programming language; it is a markup language for specifying the contents of a web page.
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answered Feb 5 by anonymous
Just analyse what you're going to do next and then choose the language that you need. If you are new start with c++, c#, python. Python is very useful when you're looking for a job.
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answered Aug 6 by Chris TheCoder (160 points)
Start with HTML, and CSS for sure if you want to do web development, then go on to python for advanced topics about web development and stuff on data management. But if you want to build games then you should start with javascript, then go on to c++.
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answered Aug 12 by Simran choudhary (140 points)
Start with C for that go through tutorial point online website free ofcourse with example and u can compile it on online compiler of visual studio code or linux and various other options are there basically start first then keep doind everyday a little and practice is must this is not one day thing then go for c++ as it is very fast easy to learn then u can learn java , python , mysql ,etc..
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answered Aug 19 by Needyk (140 points)
It Really Depends. Like If You Are Being A Web Designer You Have To Learn Html, CSS And Javascript.
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answered Sep 28 by Jayden Neifert Reeves (540 points)
Really? you'll need to learn java, it is simple, easy, and fun. It makes more sense then c++ or python
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answered Sep 30 by Praveen Kumar (220 points)
You can Learn Python It is easy to learn and python offers more libraries which simplify the code and makes the code to easily readable.

You can use python to create APIs for web and App development by using the frameworks like Django in python,

Python can also be used in the fields of data science  and Machine Learning and Artificial intellegence

So, I would Suggest you to learn Python as a beginner
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