summation with if, possible???

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asked Feb 8 by Pedro Alberth (130 points)

i made a questionnaire in c, and everything worked until i try to make a summatory with if, if the answer is right its suppoused to add one,  the questionnaire  consists of 31 questions with 4 possible answers, example:

//i use a integer arrangement with 30 spaces for each answere just like this: int ans[30]={}; 

question 1 with correct answer equal to 1 (which is saved in &ans[0] )

if(ans[0] = 1 ){

     i = s+1 //Ramdom variables i and s and  s equal to 0 in the boxing allocation

finnaly i try to print i (after 31 times doing the thing above)

but the result is always 31 no mather if i answer every one wrong

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answered Feb 12 by gameforcer (2,950 points)

if(ans[0] = 1 ){

This line is wrong. Single '=' sign means assignment, while '==' compares values from left and right of these signs. Simply change everywhere accordingly to

if(ans[0] == 1 ){

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