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In a population, the birth rate is the percentage increase of the population due to births, and the death rate is the percentage decrease of the population due to deaths. Write a program that asks for the following: 

  • The starting size of a population (minimum 2) (Prompt Enter starting size: )
  • The annual birth rate (Prompt Enter annual birth rate: )
  • The annual death rate (Prompt Enter annual death rate: )
  • The number of years to display (minimum 1) (Prompt Enter years to display: )

The program should then display the starting population and the projected population at the end of each year. It should use a function that calculates and returns the projected new size of the population after a year. The formula is 

      N = P(1 + B)(1 - D) 

where N is the new population size, P is the previous population size, B is the birth rate, and D is the death rate. Annual birth rate and death rate are the typical number of births and deaths in a year per 1000 people, expressed as a decimal. So, for example, if there are normally about 32 births and 26 deaths per 1000 people in a given population, the birth rate would be .032 and the death rate would be .026. 

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