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i am trying to make a simple color chooser:


print("\x1b[1;32;40m Bright Green\n")
print("\x1b[1;31;40m Red\n")
print('\x1b[0;37;40m Please enter disired text color\n')
if input() == 'bright green':
        print("\x1b[0;32;40m woo you chose bright green")
elif input() == 'red':
        print("\x1b[0;31;40m woo you chose red")


when i input red, i have to input it twice to get the result of the print().

when i input bright green, i only have to input if once to get the result

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answered May 8 by Hunter (500 points)
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It's because you're calling the input function from the if statement. Call input one time, store it in a variable, then compare that. Something like:

color = input()

if color == 'bright green':

elif color == 'red'

Basically what you're doing in the provided example is asking the user for input in the "if" line, comparing that to 'bright green' then asking for a separate input and comparing that to 'red'. As an example, try typing "red" then "bright green". You should get no output at all
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