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Can you run a game on this?

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asked Jun 22, 2020 by sunny (230 points)

2 Answers

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answered Jun 23, 2020 by Peter Minarik (25,430 points)
As long as the game is a code you wrote or have and does not need advanced graphics just console output ("character" graphics) it should be fine.

Such a game could be word games, logic games, etc. Obviously this does not allow first person shooters, MMO games, etc.

Online GDB is a compiler (well, set of compilers) so it's here to compile a code for you and offer an editor for it.

Online GDB is not to run existing executables.
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answered Jun 23, 2020 by LiOS (6,240 points)
As long as the game is CLI based, you can run it e.g. tic tac toe is a common CLI game made by early programmers.

Any games requiring graphics are not supported and can not run existing executable files.
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