what should I do to compile this ? it sayis you need one main class .

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asked Jun 25 by Qrm Qrm (120 points)
private void substitute2DArray(){
    int row , col , k ;
    char tmp ;
    char[] strSAM = {'I','B','M','I','B','M'};
        k =1;
            tmp = str2D[row++][col];
            } else{

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answered Jun 26 by Peter Minarik (12,220 points)
edited Jun 26 by Peter Minarik

Your code's structure should look something like this:

public class Main
    private void substitute2DArray()
        // Implement your code here

    public static void main(String[] args)

That being said, your code still would not compile, but at least, you will see compilation errors that make sense now (such as str2D is an undefined variable).

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