The assembler is not NASM nor MASM, so what's it?

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asked Jul 22 by H.C. Chen (120 points)

To the example code, I only change '%eax' to '1234' and it failed!! So what's the assembler? it's not NASM, it's not MASM. I need to know what's it so as to find its document to know about the syntax. Thank you very much. 

My code

# Welcome to GDB Online.

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.global main


# your code goes here

xor %eax, 1234



The error message

Segmentation fault                                                                                                                                   
...Program finished with exit code 139                                                                                                               
Press ENTER to exit console.      

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answered Jul 22 by Peter Minarik (7,160 points)
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I do not do assembly programming, but I'd assume it's the GNU Assembler you're after.

commented Jul 22 by H.C. Chen (120 points)
100% correct. Because I tried the example on that Wikipedia page and it worked.
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