What language should I study first to learn python?Can anyone plz help me.

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asked Oct 5 by Tapan Ram (290 points) 1 flag

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answered Oct 5 by xDELLx (3,760 points)
python ,atleast the basics of python , are fairly simple enough.You can start learning about programming ,in general, starting with Python.

But if you are adventurous and want to learn nitty gritty of dealing with low level code executed on machines, starting with C language is sure a fun ride.

Then you can move on to c++ ,python ,java or any other Object oriented prog language.

Please also research online about pros & cons of the language you choose to pursue.
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answered Oct 6 by LaliPapa (140 points)
If you want to learn Python, choose Python right away. YouTube has plenty of tutorial videos. There are countless websites at your disposal.
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answered Oct 6 by fourpointfour (160 points)
See, beginning and learning any programming language is a pretty easy task, you can start and go on to learn a language by following documentation and tutorials.

But in my opinion, you should learn either C or C++ in the beginning as it would teach you the basics and how to implement them to write proper code, and once you have progressed enough, you can move ahead to any other language of your choice.

However, it would take you a lot of time before you actually start developing stuff using C++ or C, so I would suggest that you start with them and after a month or so, start learning Python side by side and develop GUI applications or do some other stuff like send automated emails or other cool stuff, it would teach you the differences and the similarities and it would also enable you to learn the powers of both the languages.

Also, before you begin to learn any language, just make sure to check whether that language is actually gonna be useful for you or not, because you might not want to learn something and realise 5 years later that it has gone obsolete, so yes, research matters.

Good luck with your journey! Happy coding!
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answered Oct 14 by Indian Creators (150 points)
very easy python
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answered Oct 15 by SSMalik99 (260 points)
As there is no prior knowledge required to learn PYTHON,

so I'd prefer PYTHON before any other language.
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