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How to input a number? Not a=int(input('A=')). It is like int c=(a*a+b*b) in c++. I want this in phyton 3

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asked Mar 25 by AzECeFeR (200 points)

2 Answers

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answered Mar 25 by KKN (1,020 points)
edited Mar 26 by KKN

I will attempt to answer your question, although next time, please be more clear; at least show us your existing code.

#Assuming b = 2
#Error Handling
    #Gets user input, explicitly converts to int
    a = int(input("A="))

    #Whatever math formula THAT is :P
    c = a*a+b*a

except ValueError:
    print("ValueError: Input must be integer, not string.")
    #Prints c if nothing goes wrong

Hopefully that answered your question

~ KK

commented Mar 26 by KKN (1,020 points)
Why the dislike? Is something wrong with my code?
commented Mar 26 by KKN (1,020 points)
ahhhh, I just noticed
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answered Mar 27 by Divyansh Jain (140 points)
a=int(input("Enter A:"))
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