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what should I learn next

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asked Mar 9 by Sam (1,310 points)
I'm currently learning python after that I'm learning Java but what should I learn after that

1 Answer

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answered Mar 10 by Peter Minarik (63,140 points)
It highly depends on what you're interested in.

If you want to learn Windows desktop application development, you should look into C#.

If you are interested in web development, you should learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.

If you're interested in creating games, you should look into C++ and learn a game engine like Unreal Engine. Or learn C# with Unity game engine.

If you're interested in embedded programming, microcontrollers, then C, C++ and even Assembly are the relevant tools you'd need.

I'd also advise "mastering" one object-oriented language first as the same principles, design decisions, design patterns, etc most of the time can be carried over to other object-oriented languages.
commented Mar 10 by Sam (1,310 points)
thanks I was planning for making games so I'll learn C++
commented Mar 11 by Peter Minarik (63,140 points)
Just a note: C# and Unity is more indie-game friendly than Unreal Engine and C++. In C++ you have to pay extra attention to memory management which is more or less not an issue in C# due to garbage collection (though you can cause memory leaks, NullReferenceExceptions, etc in C# as well).

God luck!
commented Mar 14 by Sam (1,310 points)
so would c# be better?
commented Mar 15 by Peter Minarik (63,140 points)
It would be easier to learn.

You could potentially reach higher performance with C/C++ than C#, but that's not always the highest priority. Especially when you're new to a language.
commented Mar 23 by Sam (1,310 points)
I think I will be fine learning C++ since the person teaching me the others knows C++ pretty well
commented Mar 24 by Peter Minarik (63,140 points)
Good luck! :)
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