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asked Apr 19 by MIKAELA ANDREYA LACHICA (220 points)
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Situational Problem:

Camille has a grade in the following subject:

Araling Panlipunan (99)

Science (96)

English (90)

Filipino (91)

Math (94)

TLE (93)

What is the sum and average grade of Camille with the use of data in compiling an array?

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5 Answers

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answered Apr 20 by Peter Minarik (58,190 points)
You can calculate the sum by adding all of those numbers (so 99 + 96 + 90 + 91 + 94 + 93 = *you do the calcualtion*).

You can calculate the average by adding all the numbers (, that is, using the sum), then dividing it by the number of elements added (in your case, that's 6).

If you store things in an array, you need to iterate through the array and take the values from the array. Then the number of elements in the array is the length of the array.

Try to write some code and share it if you get stuck. Also, include what language are you after.
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answered Apr 20 by Kishore Kumar j s (160 points)
a = [99,96,90,91,94,93]
b = len(a)
sum1 = 0
for i in a:
    sum1 = sum1 + i
print("sum of the all subject is ",sum1)
average = sum1/b
print("average is ",average)
commented Apr 27 by ATHARV (100 points)
I think in there is correction in 5th line as
commented May 1 by Upasana Goswami (100 points)
i want to correct one thing also in this:-
#you wrote suma(and it will give error)
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answered Apr 25 by userdotexe (1,330 points)
Add on the numbers together (563 in this case), then divide that by how many numbers you have (6 in this case) and you get 93.83.
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answered Apr 27 by Павел Широков (160 points)
And here it is not required to process strings with "pulling out" numbers from brackets in order to add everything up and determine the average? Then the solution will not be so trivial.
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answered May 12 by karimosliman (180 points)

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){

int grades[]={99,96,90,91,94,93};

float sum=0;

for (int i=0; i<6; i++){



cout << "The sum is "<<sum<<" and the average is "<<sum/6;

return 0;


code made with C++ language

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