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I'm trying to make it so that if I write Luffy it will open a picture of Luffy and if I write Zoro picture Zoro

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asked Oct 21, 2022 by MegaSnake (190 points)
from tkinter import *
text = input("one piece\n: ")
luffy = 'luffy'
zoro = 'zoro'
if text == luffy:
 window = Tk()
 window = Canvas(window,width= 400, height = 400)
 image = PhotoImage(file = 'D:\down\luffy.PNG')
 window.create_image(0,0, anchor = NW, image = image)


if text == zoro:
 windows = Tk()
 windows = Canvas(windows,width= 500, height = 500)
 images = PhotoImage(file = 'D:\down\zoro.png')
 windows.create_image(0,0, anchor = NW, images = images)

1 Answer

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answered Oct 26, 2022 by Peter Minarik (78,130 points)
Online GDB does not have support for graphics, only console output.

You'll need to install Python on your own computer to make this work.

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