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What do i do?

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asked Oct 30 by Eidnoxon (1,410 points)
Hi!  I finished a 12 hour long python tutorial course, and learned almost everything. Like GUI, and other stuff you can imagine. I want to continue learning tho, and practicing. Can somebody tell me how can I continue? Thanks.

Or maybe send me a good website that has every single part in it. I'd really appreciate it.

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answered Oct 30 by Peter Minarik (63,140 points)

Practice, practice, practice.

Learning and doing tutorials is nice, but have you really made those skils your own? Can you apply what you've learned?

Put yourself to the test and start using what you've learned. Start designing solutions to problems. Start writing code.

You can look at questions asked here by others and create your own solution for problems (some or quite complex). You don't need to share these solutions, you can just create them for your own amusement and practice.

For instance, you can create a dungeon crawler where a dungeon is given by a 2-dimensional where a cell may have up to 4 connection and your goal is to collect the treasure and avoid monsters.

One such (7 x 7) dungeon could look like this:

  • X: wall
  • . a path where you can go
  • M: monster, you want to avoid these
  • T: treasure, collect them
  • S: Start, the entrance of the dungeon. You want to leave by coming back here
Good luck! :)
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