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What programming language should I learn. Please Help:

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asked Dec 24, 2022 by Eidnoxon (2,430 points)

HEAR ME OUT. What programming language should I learn if I would want to make any devices, like tracking devices or mobiles, etc. Do I need assembly at least for one of them? Or is C useful for a tracking device or something? Please help. I would appreciate your help. Thanks

5 Answers

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answered Dec 24, 2022 by timomen (200 points)
you can use Arduino. that uses c++
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answered Dec 25, 2022 by Peter Minarik (69,270 points)

If you only want to program the mobile phones for instance, then you'll need to deal with the operating system of the mobile phones. So you'll need C/C++/Objective C/Java/C# etc, that can be run on mobiles.

If you want to program the tracker, then you'll need to be able to program the firmware, which is usually in C/C++ or even lower-level hardware programming languages like VeriLog, or Assembly as you've mentioned.

On a high level, you might also need database programming to collect data for analysis.

The best way is to learn as you go. :)

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answered Dec 26, 2022 by Shivam jha Shandilya (140 points)
you should learn pyhton in starting because it is very easy language compared to other .
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answered Mar 1 by Emay Liu (180 points)
You should learn C++ because it is very basic and can help you understand the logic step by step.C++ can also run offline and is very useful due to its fast time complexity.
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answered Mar 1 by hamzaking11 (380 points)
If you are beginner learner then C++ is good option
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