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closed why we use float point in temperature conversion

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asked Jan 28 by meghana (220 points)
closed Feb 19 by Admin
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4 Answers

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answered Jan 28 by Ritik gupta (150 points)
because temperature may be in decimle value.

ex- 32.5 degree

or 34.777 degree
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answered Feb 5 by SACHIN YADAV (260 points)
We take float variable for temperature because temperature is not always a integer value,it is also a decimal values and for decimal values we use float variable so we use float variable for temperature representation

temperature of boiling water=100°c

But temperature of a human body = 37.5°c
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answered Feb 5 by Naveenreddy (260 points)
Because temperature is measured in decimal values to find the exact temperature of a place we use decimal values also hence we will use float for measuring the temperature.
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answered Feb 18 by Arun Bisht (140 points)
Because float data type can store decimal values and as temperature can be in decimal therefore it is advisable to use float.
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