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Is there a way to close files without deleting them?

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asked Jan 29 by Chris (150 points)
I'm working on a project in java and I have created enough .java files that I can no longer switch between them. I'm not sure how to handle this, since there doesn't seem to be a way to close files when you are done editing them without deleting them. Is this an option somewhere that I am missing? If not, is there a workaround that anyone has figured out?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 30 by Peter Minarik (69,270 points)
edited Jan 30 by Peter Minarik


  1. Close the left and right panels to have more real estate for the main panel that has the files.
  2. Decrease the scaling of your browser below 100% (at least temporarily for the duration of a file switch)
  3. Switch to a larger resolution screen
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