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asked Oct 8, 2018 by Christina1 (310 points)

Write a program that can be used as a math tutor for a young student. The program should display two random numbers that are to be added. The program should then wait for the student to enter the answer. If the answer is correct, a message of congratulations should be printed. If the answer is incorrect, a message should be printed showing the correct answer.

Note: Start with your code from the previous chapter! All you are doing for this assignment is extending your previous project by asking the user to provide the answer and telling them if they were correct or not.

The output should look something like this:
+ 429

Enter the answer here: 625

The answer is 625

1 Answer

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answered Oct 9, 2018 by anonymous
import random


if total==(a+b):
    print("Sorry, You are wrong!!!")
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