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Program won't work, class error

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asked Dec 7, 2018 by Tim

  import java.util.*;

 //Error is here
public class BATTLE
public static void main (String[]args)
Scanner Name = new Scanner (System.in);
System.out.println ("Another trainer is issuing a challenge!");
System.out.println ("Zebstrika appeared.");
System.out.println ("Which Pokemon do you choose?");
System.out.print ("You chose ");
String PokemonName = Name.next ();
System.out.println ("Itb

1 Answer

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answered Dec 7, 2018 by Sivasankar Sivasankar (170 points)

your using online GDB compiler for java stored as a mainfile has main.java. but you give the class name with public modifier get error. Because it get file name Battle.java.

System.out.println ("Itb");

public static void main (String []args)

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