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Trouble assigning cards to players after shuffling using multi-dimensional arrays

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asked Dec 31, 2018 by Cathal
I have to make the card game 25 in C Programming, im having trouble assigning the cards to the players after i shuffle to cards. i have tried to use 2 single dim arrays and a single 2 dim array and i cant seem to figure out either. any help would be appreciated.

so far i have this:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <string.h>

//constants declared
#define NUMOFCARDS 52
#define NUMOFSUITS 4
#define NUMOFFACES 13

//declaration of arrays
char* suit[NUMOFSUITS] = { "Hearts","Spades","Clubs","Diamonds" };
char* face[NUMOFFACES] = { "Ace","Two","Three","Four","Five","Six","Seven","Eight","Nine",
"Ten","Jack","Queen","King" };

//calling functions
void PrintCard(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES], int i);
void SwapCards(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES], int src, int dest);
void ShuffleDeck(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES]);

int main()
   //declaration of varaiables
   int player1Deck[5];
   int src = 0;
   int dest = 0;
   int i;
   int players;
   int numPlayers = 0;
   int playerDeck[30];
   SwapCards(deck, src, dest);
   printf("Please enter the number of players (From 1 to 6): \n");
   scanf("%d", &numPlayers);

   for (players = 0; players < numPlayers; players++)
       printf("Player %d\n", players + 1);
       for (i = 0; i < PLAYERCARDS; i++)
           PrintCard(deck, i);



   return 0;



   int suit;
   int face;
   int row = 0;
   for (suit = 0; suit < 4; suit++)
       for (face = 0; face < 13; face++)
           deck[row][0] = suit;
           deck[row][1] = face;

void ShuffleDeck(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES])
   int src, dest, i;

   for (i = 0; i < NUMOFCARDS; i++)
       src = i;
       dest = rand() % NUMOFCARDS;
       SwapCards(deck, src, dest);


void SwapCards(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES], int src, int dest)
   int temp;
   temp = deck[src][0];
   deck[src][0] = deck[dest][0];
   deck[dest][0] = temp;
   temp = deck[src][1];
   deck[src][1] = deck[dest][1];
   deck[dest][1] = temp;

void PrintCard(int deck[NUMOFCARDS][NUMOFPROPERTIES], int i)
   int tempsuit;
   int tempface;
   tempsuit = deck[i][0];
   tempface = deck[i][1];
   printf("Card %d = %s of %s\n", i+1, face[tempface], suit[tempsuit]);


I dont know how to assign the cards dealt to the players. I have to store the cards to compare them and let the user select them through some means later in order to "play" the cards. Any help would be appreciated

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