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how to make Point of Sale/POS in Turbo C??

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asked Apr 7, 2019 by Richard Timan (130 points)
well my code is not working?? some please help??

void admin() {
        char pass[21];  
        int ploop = 1;
        int in = 1;
        int pass1;
        for(ploop = 1; ploop<=in;) {
        printf("Enter Password: ");
        pass1 = strcmpi(pass, "admin");
        if (pass1 == 0)
            in = 0;
            printf("Password Confirm \n\n\n");
        } else {
            in = 1;
            printf("Access Denied \n\n\n");
void admin2() {
        int i,w;
        int item_code[20] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20};
        int item_code2;
        printf("Welcome: Admin \n\n");
                printf("What would you like to order:\n");
            printf("[1]Fried Chicken/P160 \n");
            printf("[3]Beef Steak/P120\n");
            printf("[4]Pork Chop/P100\n");
            printf("[6]Fried Bangus/P180\n");
            printf("[7]Roast Chicken/P100\n");
            printf("[9]Beef Tapa/P140\n");
            printf("[10]BBQ Chicken/P190\n");
            printf("[12]Beef Salpicao/P110\n");
            printf("[13]Fried Rice/P170\n");
            printf("[15]Cream Dory/P100\n");
            printf("[18]Mash Potato/P150\n");
            printf("Please enter how many orders do you want: ");
            for(int j=0;j<w;j++)
                printf("Enter Item Code: ");
void cashier() {
void server() {
int main()
{       int choice;
        printf("\t \t \t WELCOME TO BON'S ORDERING SYSTEM \n");
        printf("[1] Admin \n");
        printf("[2] Cashier \n");
        printf("[3] Server \n");
        printf("[4] Waitress \n");
        printf("[5] Hostess \n");
        printf("Please Enter Your Choice: ");
        switch(choice) {
        case 1: admin(); break;
        return 0;

1 Answer

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answered Apr 8, 2019 by anonymous
You have not prototyped the admin2 function on top of the main where you have declared the admin function. After doing the above said step, the program will easily work.
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