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how to import module in python

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asked Sep 27, 2019 by smit (150 points)

3 Answers

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answered Sep 28, 2019 by Maxie (170 points)

Hello there, I found this article.  Hopefully, it helps.  smiley

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answered Sep 28, 2019 by KoushikKaleru (220 points)

first you need to install the module:

open cmd and type : pip install <module_name>

After downloading, open IDLE and type 

import <module_name>

to import 

commented Oct 5, 2021 by Sakshit Aryan (100 points)
But how can I import the file into your IDE?
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answered Nov 7, 2019 by dheeraj (1,090 points)
import module name
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