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how the output 118 in this small code!

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asked Apr 29, 2020 by Vasanth kumar (130 points)
"int main()
char str1[5]="vector", str2[5]="vectoa";
int i;
printf("i = %d",i);
return 0;

Output: i = 118.
How the i value is getting 118?"

4 Answers

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answered Apr 30, 2020 by mark (360 points)
where are the headers
commented Apr 30, 2020 by udhayakumar (150 points)
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answered May 5, 2020 by sofibilal193 (620 points)
You need to add two headers


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answered May 5, 2020 by arunthesun (180 points)
1. strings are 6 character long but initialized to 5. Correct initialization would be str1[] = "vector", str2[]="vectoa";

2. Expected behaviour of strcmp. strcmp returns the distance between first difference between two strings.

strcmp(str1, str2) for strings defined as in #1 would be 17 (ascii (r) - ascii(a)).

for str1[] = "vector", str2[] = "vectop", strcmp(str1, str2) will return 2 (ascii (r) - ascii(p))

As for i = 118, because of comparing unintended values (could be ascii(v) - ascii(NULL) ??)
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answered May 6, 2020 by udhayakumar (150 points)
internally working code is the answer
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