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What is Assembler(GCC)?

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asked Jul 15, 2020 by KingsleyDockerill (210 points)
I notice that there is a language with support on here called Assembly(GCC). I'm hoping to learn Assembly and thought that that might be a good starting point. What type of assembly is it? Are there any good tutorials anybody would recommend?

2 Answers

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answered Jul 16, 2020 by Peter Minarik (79,780 points)

GCC is a compiler collection. You can use it to compile various languages (C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Fortran, Ada, Go).

If you want to learn the Assembly programming, I'd look somewhere else. For instance: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/assembly_programming/index.htm

commented Jul 16, 2020 by Kingsley (100 points)
Thanks! I was really wondering what type of Assembly (is it like 6502, etc.). I thought that the GCC might be one of those types.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by H.C. Chen (120 points)
not 6502, it's Intel x86 up to 64 bits. How did I know? I changed the sample program from %eax to %rax and it worked so it's 64 bits. The above URL (tutorialspoint) is exactly for Intel x86 assembly.
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answered Jul 16, 2020 by LiOS (6,420 points)
Tried to have a look at what type of Assembly is in use but no luck. Just to note, it's really ideal to know a langauge such as C before learning Assembly.

If you know C, you'll understand more how and why that C code gets turned into Assembly code. For example, if you reverse engineer code, it will be put into C, which is ideal.
commented Jul 17, 2020 by KingsleyDockerill (210 points)
I'm intermediate at C. I really want to learn more about how the computer works, hence why I asked this question. Thanks for searching : )
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