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how do i make a header file and use it in another program

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asked Sep 2, 2020 by atulsangahvi (200 points)
Where my header.h file needs to be stored so that i can call it?

3 Answers

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answered Sep 5, 2020 by xDELLx (10,520 points)

For small programs, the best place is current directory ,ie same directory as the c file.

But this can be customised using compiler switches.Complier can be "informed" t olook for header files in certain paths where we want/have stored header files.Compiler switches give us the flexibilty to provide a host of paths , where the header files can be placed.

On GCC, -I (uppercase i) switch can be supplied when compiling your program.

gcc abc.c -I /home/mint

MS Visual Studio also provides the same flexiblity , you can explore this... I am rusty with MS tools.

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answered Sep 19, 2020 by akash singh yadav (180 points)
it stored in the library of programing file
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answered Aug 29, 2021 by gordd (140 points)

For me, I found the magic was to include the path of the current project, i.e. './' in the include directive that needs to reference your project's myheader.h file. For example:

#include "./myheader.h"

Note, the #ifndef ... #endif guards around the body of the .h file seemed to make the file invisible again, so I took them out for onlinegdb. YMMV.

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