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How do i make a loop? In c?

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asked Nov 26, 2020 by Superman365 (560 points)
How to make a loop? Can we make easy loops? Can we also learn it properly, without any mistakes everytime?


2 Answers

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answered Nov 26, 2020 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)

Making mistakes are part of learning. So don't be afraid of them.

As for various C loops, there are plenty of tutorial online.

You can check out this one for instance.

Good luck!

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answered Nov 29, 2020 by kshitij gupta (140 points)
for example we make program which is print 1 to 10 digits

for(int i=1;i<=10;i++)          #here i=1 then loop check condition 1 is less than to 10 or not if condition is true then                                             # the statenment  inside of loop will run then i implement to 1 i++ means i=i+1 it                                                      # means now the value of i is 2 and again condition statement run the i implemen so                                           on loop will run till when condition be false.                                            

{   printf("%d\n",i);


return 0;
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