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How do I use the, "IF ELSE", function in Python 3?

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asked Dec 18, 2020 by Charles Weaver (240 points)
I've tried searching it up, but all I would get is a tutorial on how to use the if else function in PYTHON. Without the 3.

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answered Dec 18, 2020 by LiOS (6,420 points)
selected Dec 19, 2020 by Charles Weaver
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When reviewing tutorials of "Python", it's highly likely Python 3. There are differences between Python2 and Python3 but these vary dependent on level.

A quick identifier is use of print. print("Hello") is Python3 while print "Hello" is Python2.

To do a if else in Python3 is same in Python2.

if a < b:



commented Dec 19, 2020 by Charles Weaver (240 points)
Thank you! I had struggled so much trying to figure it out. Thank you, again.
commented Mar 2, 2021 by popstar403 (750 points)
You can also use:
elif a > b:
Edit: Corrected syntax
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