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Why does my output say TypeError: object() takes no parameters .

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asked Apr 6, 2021 by Albert Wu (120 points)
Im making a multiple choice quiz in python 3. Pls help me. https://onlinegdb.com/SkxibDKru

1 Answer

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answered Apr 9, 2021 by Peter Minarik (80,320 points)
edited Apr 9, 2021 by Peter Minarik

I've found the bugs. Green means lines to be added. Red means lines to be removed.


Wrong indentation. This is not a compilation problem, but it prevents your program to run correctly (to use the right logic).

line 21:        run_test(questions)
line 21:run_test(questions)


You misspelt the __init__ function.

line 2:    def __init_(self, prompt, answer):
line 2:    def __init__(self, prompt, answer):

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