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what is an array

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asked 6 days ago by Shaik Dadapeer (300 points)

5 Answers

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answered 6 days ago by Peter Minarik (32,240 points)
commented 5 days ago by Anjani Kumar Pandey (100 points)
Array is a collection of similar type of data.
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answered 5 days ago by Gaurav Joshi (140 points)
Array Is a collection of objects of same datatype with contiguous memory location.
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answered 5 days ago by PRAKHAR MISHRA (140 points)
An array is an data structure of same data types with contiguous memory allocation.
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answered 4 days ago by SHASHIKANTH K (140 points)
An Array is a collection similar elements for example an array of positive numbers
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answered 3 hours ago by sireesha B (220 points)
An array is an Indexed Collection of Fixed Number of homogeneous data elements. The Main Advantage of Arrays is we can represent Multiple values with a single variable. so that reusability of code will be improved. Arrays Are Fixed In Size i.e., once we created an array with some size there is no chance of increasing or decreasing the size based on our requirement.
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