Please help. How to solve this problem?!

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asked Mar 23, 2018 by anonymous 1 flag
Write a function in C++ to read a text file “SPACE.TXT” . Using this file create another file “ OUT.TXT”  by  replacing more than one space by single space.  


If the file “SPACE .TXT” contains the  following

I      like    ice cream.

The function should create another file OUT.TXT with the text

 I like ice cream.

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answered Mar 23, 2018 by Shane Such (840 points)
so where are you having problems? i don't have much experience with using inputs from a file but i'm a second pair of eyes and most likely it's bracketing.
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answered Apr 1, 2018 by sai ram Adapa (190 points)
there is a program called converting into upper case better you check it out.both are simmilar you'll get out the correct answer
int main()
    char ch;
        puts("file does not exist");
        puts("file does not exist");
    printf("\n file sucessfully copied");
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