write a c++ program

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asked Aug 2, 2018 by Kenneth Otieno Ouko (180 points)
using oop (classes and arrays) write a program that recieves personal details (ie. name, index number,age ) of students and the marks obtained by each student in the five subjects(english,maths,ghcre,kiswahili,science) define and impliment class called studentrecord.this class should have student personal details and marks for each subject as a member variable.for that class, declare and define a constructor ,getter,setter functions for the member variebles also declare and define member functions to compute students average and the grade obtained.us5e this class in your program to contain and manipulate individual student records.storfe the result of all student in a file called marksheet.txt. in this marksheet.txt file include each students name, marks in all 5 subjects,average mark and mean grade

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