How to convert html page to pdf

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asked Jan 30, 2019 by anonymous
I have a html page and want to convert into pdf file so it will be helpful for usage. I tried using the pdfkit but it is not working for me.

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answered Jan 30, 2019 by Quim Alborch López

Hello, my name is quim to convert a page of html5 in fast pdf is very easy: First you have to go to the final page. (where everything is ready for the function of the page.) Despres you have to press: Control + P you will print the page but you have to change the destination in my case I have the printer: HP SERIES 7000. Then there will be the printer and a minipage where will you say convert to PDF.

commented Jan 31, 2019 by Admin (4,340 points)
It seems he wants to know how to do it programatically.
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