A 4 digit pin using pass by reference i n c

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asked Mar 8, 2019 by Kyle (200 points)
  1. Has to be used using pass by reference 
  2. Need to get the user to enter a 4 digit pin
  3. Must be passed to another function
  4. Then passed back from the function in an array
  5. Can't enter a number greater than 9
  6. Error check in case of a character being entered 

1 Answer

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answered Apr 2, 2019 by sriteja (180 points)
char *input(char *p) //collecting array with char pointer
   input: scanf("%s",p);//reading input
    if(check(p)) //checking if any alphabets are present in the password
        printf("enter only digits\n");
        goto input;
    return p;
int check(char *p)
        return 1;
    return 0;
int main()
    char password[5],*ptr=NULL;
    printf("enter the 4 digit password\n");
    printf("entered password is %s\n",ptr);
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