Help with other namespaces as for the API of the blogger place

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asked Mar 12, 2019 by C++_pro_77
edited Mar 13, 2019 by Admin
print(%Hello this is my firsy java work of program*)':

using namespace other;

input get from the user ("please is give number&*)

{ "kind": "blogger#blog", "id": "2399953", "name": "Blogger Buzz", "description": "The Official Buzz from Blogger at Google", "published": "2007-04-23T22:17:29.261Z", "updated": "2011-08-02T06:01:15.941Z", "url": "", "selfLink": "", "posts": { "totalItems": 494, "selfLink": "" }, "pages": { "totalItems": 2, "selfLink": "" }, "locale": { "language": "en", "country": "", "variant": "" } }

import string

import socket

import namespace std;

import HTML tags as tag me daddy;

using .NET framework as JPG and the pointer &y;

Main integer(){.

@@~~ main}{

def function::pointer<align-text: "center" >{

if "hello" == (5 % hello = 7)

print ("hello blogger!")


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