I need a help to write the function of python

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asked Jan 30 by ST_ADIL
def main():
    # using keyword global allows to use the ip_List created outside of function to
    global ip_List
    Use ip_class to append ip_List.
    must check ip address:
    use create_randam_IP() to create 1 randomly created ip address
    create a for loop that goes through every IP Class in the ip_List
    and then calls the unique Print() function each of the objects
    print("wrtitten by: {0} ID: {1}\n".format(stud_name, stud_id)) #do not change

    # write your code for the method here
    # start with IP Address that were given, by adding their classes to ip_List
    # then call the create_randam_IP()
    # add the random IP to ip_List
    going through the list and call the unique print method of each class
    for obj in ip_List:
    # calling method
Calls the main() function

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