why we use cin.get(); ?

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asked Mar 17 by anonymous
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class CounterClass {
static int counter;
int number;

CounterClass() {
number = ++counter;

void tell_number() {
cout << "I am object " << number << endl;

int CounterClass::counter = 0;

int main() {
CounterClass obj1;
CounterClass obj2;
CounterClass obj3;


1 Answer

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answered Mar 25 by Alan Sampson (380 points)
cin.get() reads a single character from the input stream. In your example however you're hot capturing that character. Perhaps you're trying to force the program to pause on input.

A worse problem is you're calling main recursively from within main. This is a very silly thing to do. You'll run out of stack frames and crash.
commented Apr 2 by Yusuf Dadkhah (240 points)
how are you defining main?
i would definine main as the place with the most code.
where exactly should he have put cin-get? i think it should be under using namespace std; but i don't know for sure,where it should go and you are an expert on this part of c++.
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