please i need help in this errors

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asked Apr 3 by kimo (130 points) 1 flag
main.c: In function ‘user_main’:
main.c:17:18: warning: 'I' flag used with ‘%f’ gnu_scanf format [-Wformat=]
         scanf("%If", &propertyValue);
main.c:17:18: warning: format ‘%f’ expects argument of type ‘float *’, but argument 2 has type ‘double *’ [-Wformat=]
main.c:39:16: error: expected expression before ‘%’ token
     scanf("%d",%continueLoop == 1);

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answered Apr 5 by SABUJA KUMAR PATTNAIK (150 points)
 scanf("%If", &propertyValue);
answer-:it should be only'i'-for signed float or 'lf'- for long float value
scanf("%d",%continueLoop == 1);
why '%' is used there??
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