syntax error with print()???

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asked Apr 19 by QuiiKy _ (410 points)
so here's my problem:

print("It's worth " + str(score) + " points")


SyntaxError: invaild syntax

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answered Apr 19 by Manuel Mateo (1,170 points)
selected Apr 22 by QuiiKy _
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The issue is you typed str(score) and python tried to treat it like a function. Simply type

print("It's worth " + score + " points")

instead. Make sure score actually has a value.
commented Apr 21 by Cotasam Nemano (140 points)
You're not wrong about "python tried to treat it like a function", though. But sorry, the str() function to convert its argument to string(in this case, he do a number) so that you could combine many strings into one using "+" operator.
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answered Apr 21 by Cotasam Nemano (140 points)
This line of code is fine. Maybe the ones above. Let me see your program.
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answered Jul 23 by Rateesh Bhagwanani (200 points)
You haven't assigned any values with the variable "score" and you also have to add commas(,), as in:

print("It's worth", +str(score)+, "points"
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answered Jul 24 by 318126512038 PENTAKOTA MOHAN MANOJ (140 points)
the value of ur score might be in digits .

str cannot convert digits

try print("It's worth {} points".format(score))
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