Change the color of the text

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asked Apr 23 by Mariana3299 (150 points)
How do you change the color of the text?

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answered Apr 23 by Jerson Dayuday (160 points)
<h1 Style = "color :white">Hello World!</h1>
commented Apr 24 by Ashrith Annamreddy (350 points)
That's for html. You need to specify what coding language you want to change the color of the text in
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answered Apr 23 by QuiiKy _ (420 points)
In short:

you can't change colors of text on this compiler.
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answered Apr 24 by partheshsingh (150 points)
depends upon the programming language you are coding on.
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answered Apr 26 by LiOS (5,120 points)
Depends on the language and there are many different methods. Colour can be changed in this compiler.

One method in C:

#include <stdio.h>

int main () {
    printf("\033[1;31m");   // set colour to red
    printf("Hello world\n");
    printf("\033[0m"); // set colour to white
    return 0;
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