How to work with xl file in python in this online compiler

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asked May 15 by shoot soccer mania (130 points)

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answered 6 days ago by KESHVINI040405 (210 points)
first your account must be a private account.then,ur phone or laptop have a good connection and not to be attact by virus
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answered 6 days ago by KESHVINI040405 (210 points)
have a great wifi connection
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answered 6 days ago by Peter Minarik (1,950 points)

What's an "xl file"? (I do not have too much experience with Python).

If you crate your own project on Online GDB, you can upload files for your project on the top menu. "Upload" is the 2nd from the left (first being "save").

If by XL you mean Extra Large, that is Online GDB does not allow you to upload them, then I'm afraid, it will not work.

Why not just download Python to your PC and work in your own environment then? Visit

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