In c ++ what's different between using ( printf) and (cout)?

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asked May 31 by Abdallah Ahmed (170 points)

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answered May 31 by JAIPRASATH M (140 points)
cout is a output stream but printf is a function.

printf can be used for  both c and c++. but cout is only for c++.
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answered Jun 1 by Peter Minarik (9,980 points)

First of all printf() is a C method while cout is a C++ object (an ostream -- output stream), where you can use the "insertion operator" (<<) to write content to the stream.

In a C++ code, I'd suggest using the C++ way of writing to the output over the C way (which also works).

For more details, please see below.


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answered Jun 5 by Amar Kulkarni (180 points)

The difference is as follows:

1] printf() is a function, whereas cout ios an object of class ostream.

2] printf() cannot be used to print user-defined variables, whereas using cout we can by using operator overloading concept.

3]printf() requires format specifier, whereas cout does not require format specifier.

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