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asked Jul 3 by bruno mutti (130 points)

Hi everybody

i'm importing a csv file with some columns.

in one column i have a number that means in how many days the item will be available in stock.

example: 10 (that means in 10 days from today)

the field i have to fill accepts only a DATE (example 07/13/2020)

do you suggest me a VB script code to transform 10 in a date (adding number of days + today's date)

if today is 07/03/2020) it will be: (10 + 07/03/2020) = 07/13/2020




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answered Jul 7 by xDELLx (3,580 points)
edited Jul 7 by xDELLx
DAYS (this is C2)=TODAY()+C2

does below help ??

check the screen shots, formula to use --> today()+<some col of interest,eg days>



commented Jul 8 by bruno mutti (130 points)
thanks xDELLx

can you transform it in a VB SCRIPT code?
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