gcc compiler error

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asked Aug 27 by Macintosh (130 points)
I was learning how to program now, and I dont really knows so much thing, but in my linux the gcc compiler is not working, when I try to use, they just send show me a error like this (my file name is hello) hello.c:5:1 error expected '=', ',' ';' 'asm' or '__atribute__' before '{' token

If someone knows what i can do to solve this error I gona be so happy

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answered Sep 1 by Peter Minarik (7,830 points)
edited Sep 2 by Peter Minarik

Please, read the documentation.

Nevertheless, your problem may be as simple as a typo as __atribute__ is indeed an unknown key word. Correctly spelled it has two 't':


Also, in general, it's a good idea to share your code to make it clear what issue you are facing. ;)

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