how do i print the letters in a single row?

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asked Sep 10 by Prishika Vazirani (170 points)

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answered Sep 10 by Peter Minarik (7,830 points)

What language are we talking about?

It's worth sharing some code to give you better and more accurate answers.

In general, many languages allow you to print to the standard output continuously. If you want a line break, you have to do that deliberately.

In C you would do this:

const char * myString = "Hello World!";
printf("%s\n", myString);

%s means you want to print a string (provided as myString) then it is followed by \n which denotes the new line character.

In C++, you'd rather do this:

std::cout << myString << std::endl;

where std::endl denotes the new line character(s) (depending on the platform you're compiling the code).

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Thankyou so much
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answered Sep 10 by SURYA N (180 points)
the code is in python3:

string=input("Enter the string")

for i in string:

         print(i)     #every letters will print in new print

         #print(i,end=" ")     #every letters will print in the same line separated by space
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Thankyou so much
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