to check given number is magic or not, what wrong in my code? in c

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asked Sep 22 by Tarun Kumar Tarlana (200 points)
#include <stdio.h>
int rnum(int number);
int main()
{int num,temp,x,sum1=0,sum2;
    printf("Hello World\nenter the number ");
        printf("%d is a magic number",num);
    return 0;

    int rnum(int number)
    {int rnumber=0,x;
    {   x=number%10;
    return rnumber;

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answered Sep 22 by Peter Minarik (12,220 points)

First of all, it's nice to describe what your problem is.

Second, it's also nice to explain what your program is supposed to do. In this instance, explain the definition of what you mean by "magic number".

I've found a problem in rnum() where you can easily end up in an infinite loop:


I think what you wanted to write was:

number /= 10; // i.e. number = number / 10;

Now your code runs, not ending up in an infinite loop.

commented Sep 22 by Tarun Kumar Tarlana (200 points)
thanks brother
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