Anything that appears after a piece of code in the main function disappears... what did I do wrong?

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asked Oct 15 by Julia Dobbs (140 points)
Here's the code I wrote. Anything I put after this code in the main function just gets skipped over, including printf statements, if else, anything! I don't know what I've done wrong but I am almost positive the issue is somewhere in here:

int leapYr;   
    if (checkLeap(year) == 1)
        leapYr = 1;
        printf("\nThe given date was in a leap year.\n");
        return leapYr;
        leapYr= 0;
        printf("\nThe given date was not in a leap year.\n");
        return leapYr;

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answered Oct 18 by sahiram (140 points)




int i,year;

printf("dear user enter the year");



printf("given year is leaf year");


printf("no tleaf year");}
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answered Oct 18 by Shivam Raina (200 points)
I think you should post your whole program, not just a part of it,
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answered Oct 19 by Peter Minarik (9,990 points)

Please, share the entire code, not just a segment.

The problem is probably within the checkLeap function.

Also, if there is any error message, please share that as well.

One more note: why do you set leayYr to 1 or 0. Doesn't it hold the actual year (e.g. 2020)?

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answered Oct 21 by Najam-Blr (140 points)
You have a return statement in both if and else condition. A return statement ends the execution of function main().
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