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Why do you think less people are posting questions right now?

+2 votes
asked Feb 9 by Jeff The Chicken (2,860 points)
There must be a rational explanation.

1 Answer

+2 votes
answered Feb 9 by Peter Minarik (22,620 points)
It could be related to school terms, homeworks and assignments. ;)
commented Feb 9 by Jeff The Chicken (2,860 points)
That makes sense, but how many people doing code here are actually students?
commented Feb 9 by KKN (1,090 points)
me me and me...
The code may be basic, but it's still code
commented Feb 9 by Jeff The Chicken (2,860 points)
I'm doing pretty basic code as well. Me too then.
commented Feb 10 by Peter Minarik (22,620 points)
I'm not a student.

I mostly use OnlineGDB to quickly try out some code or test existing code if it works correctly.
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